2016-07-25 07:27:15 by dreamhighanimation


soo........well. the black screen cuts its inbetween the pages .. if one punch man got animation project in the near future  the studio going to add more parts like more explosions and more ppl screening and more stuff not in the manga and they dont just take one chap they use 4-5 chapter to complete the 18 min plus one punch man need alot of 3d .. coz 2d wont do the trick by it self ^^"" am still learning if there next for one punch man i will do better hopflly .. thanks again for support!! :) and for watchin :D 

How to Color just like anime

2014-08-31 16:39:47 by dreamhighanimation

How to Color just like anime .... that the title of this video that i make ..... i draw like that i mean in this style .. soo  many ppl were asking me on facebook before and so i make this video  to explain how i draw like this anime coloring style..  exactly like anime! :D so hop enjoy watching it and dont forget to sub +like +share it and follow me in here :3

i still got alot to show you :D ..! XD thanks a lot ! :)



this is Dream high animation ..and we are a animators :D

2014-08-31 16:25:48 by dreamhighanimation

so my nick name is Evan and i pick that name "Dream High Animation"  ... coz i like to animate and draw and coz am following my dream thats why make it high  so that mybe why i pick that name or watever XD ..

i make my own Animations and fan animation and tutorials on youtube as well :D there will be alot of fan animation ..but for first am going to start with a short funny one piece fan animation :D its just for warming up XD i hop u follow me..  :D thanks alot :D.. by the way from no one am going to be really active i mean i finished from school u know what am taking about am i right XD anyway see ya !