One punch man FA" black cuts scenes" not NG faults

2015-02-28 00:18:35 by dreamhighanimation

soo........well. the black screen cuts its inbetween the pages .. if one punch man got animation project in the near future  the studio going to add more parts like more explosions and more ppl screening and more stuff not in the manga and they dont just take one chap they use 4-5 chapter to complete the 18 min plus one punch man need alot of 3d .. coz 2d wont do the trick by it self ^^"" am still learning if there next for one punch man i will do better hopflly .. thanks again for support!! :) and for watchin :D 


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2015-02-28 05:14:56

it was a pretty good animation, just mash the scenes together- sometimes you have to sort of make inbetween scenes up on the fly if it doesn't make sense. Thats why alot of stuff has those shots of the characters and the wind blowing just to space the timing of the scenes from the mangas

dreamhighanimation responds:

yeah i need to make good inbetween :)


2015-03-01 09:12:44

wait so are you planning on animating the whole manga ( or as much as possible?)

that sounds cool and i hope to see u do it, but if u r going to make episodes out of it will it be like 20 min long?

cause i always thought that one punch man anime can be 5 min long and it will still be great


2015-03-01 11:19:14

if you ever gonna animate another scene from that manga i might help you with it ^^
im actually planning to animate the saitama vs fubuki battle sometime in the future when i have free time ^^